To bring wholeness to people, 

families and communities with the Word of God, 

work of Holy Spirit and His Presence through authentic, loving relationships.  

Whole People - Whole Families - Whole Community

Our Values & "DNA"

Our Foundational Values 

Presence - Seeking the presence of God in every gathering. 

Prophetic – Hearing the Voice and Leading of God. 

Word - Living by the authority of the Word of God. 

Prayer - Setting a foundation of prayer in everything we do. 

Worship – Honoring God as a redeemed people through God-given gifts and expression. 

Our Cultural Values 

Relationships - Having authentic Godly relationships central to everything we do. 

Integrity - Pursuing the Lord with clean hands & pure hearts. 

Honor –Honoring, respecting and looking out for each other. 

Acceptance – Demonstrating unconditional acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. 

Generosity – Holding that God has blessed us, so we may be a blessing to others. 

Team – Doing the Will of God together, as equal members, each with unique roles. 

Excellence – Serving and representing God with excellence in all things. 

Our Ministry Values 

Mission – Fulfilling The Great Commission locally and to the ends of the Earth through the Local Church. 

Wholeness – Helping others to have a complete, free and abundant life. 

Family –Helping build God-centered, Bible-based marriages and families. 

Equipping - Mentoring, teaching and releasing all ages into their God-given destiny. 

Community –Loving and serving our community while partnering with others. 

More About Us

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