Team of Teams

Mountain Life Church functions through Team Ministry Philosophy. Team of Elders with a Lead Elder (Lead Pastor) provide oversight for the Church.  Ministry Teams consists of Leaders who oversee various ministries in the Church (i.e. Prayer, Worship, Youth, Children’s Church, Life Groups, etc.), Life Leaders who lead our various Small Groups, and Service Teams who oversee physical needs of the Church (i.e. Coffee Shop, Media, Ushers, Facility, etc.)   Click here for a complete list of Small Groups or Ministry Teams.

  • Elder / Worship & missions

    BILLY & KATHERINE HERMAN are passionate adventurers, world travelers and worshippers with a heart for the nations and gift for stirring others to go after the amazing gifts and potential God has placed in them.    

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  • Elder / Lead Pastor

    JOE & HEIDI EISENBRANDT are passionate about pursuing the presence and leading of the Lord in everything they do. They have the call and passion to equip and raise-up believers to reach their full potential in life. Leading them to impact their communities and the world.

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  • Elder / Pastoral Care & community

    JOSEPH & GRACE WILSON are fun-loving, community-minded pastors, counselors and teachers with a heart for bringing people together and growing whole people through Biblical counsel, Spirit-led Wisdom and life-giving relationships.     

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