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"Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them:" 

Romans 12:6 (NKJV)

We are passionate about helping people to discover and put to use their God-given gifts and passions to do the Will of God and help others in the Church, the community and the world. 

Getting involved in various ministries and activities is a great way to discover gifting and interests, while helping others. In addition to "hands-on" ministry exposure, we intentionally mentor and train each person based on where they are on their journey with the Lord.

Want to get in involved in a MLC ministry or volunteer to help with an event or outreach? Check our our ministry teams below, Life Groups Page or Outreach Page.    Find the ministry that best suits you and contact the ministry leader or attend one of our Life Tracks to learn how and to get connected. 

ministry teams

  • The Mountain men

    Led by Shannon Moss

    The Mountain Men is a team of trusted men who work together to manage and maintain our facilities, grounds and equipment as well as caring for the physical needs of the church.

  • facilities team

    Led by Kevin Ridley

    The Facility Team is the behind scenes team that makes it all happen.    Whether it's a Sunday Service, Communion Service, Wedding or Special Service, this team opens and closes the building and handles everything in-between.   Contact the office at (208) 634-3037 for details.   

  • first impressions team

    Led by Mark & Lisa Schneider

    First Impressions Team lives up their to name.   Serving as Greeters and Hosts and  doing what's needed to make a great first impression and make everyone feel welcome and loved.  Joining this team just requires a friendly smile and familiarity with our layout and what's happening here. Contact by email to learn more.   

  • prayer Team

    Led by Kathy Sawdy

    Jesus said his House would be a House of Prayer for the Nations.    Prayer is at the core of all we do.  Our Prayer Ministry includes Altar Ministry Team, Prayer & Intercession Groups, Prayer Request Team, Healing Ministry Team and more.   Have a passion for prayer and to see God work?    Come join in...  Contact Kathy for more information.   

  • CARE team

    Led by Friede Gabbert

    Care Team provides Chaplaincy Care, visitations and ministry to those at home, in long term care centers or hospitalized in need of personal ministry.    CARE conducts bi-weekly worship services at the McCall Care Center.  Call the office at (208) 634-3037 or email the office for more information.

  • Youth team

    Led by Josh & Kayla Thibideaux

    Our Youth Team is passionate about seeing teens encounter the presence of God in a real and relevant way.   This happens by exposure to the Love of God, The Truth and Holy Spirit through authentic, God-centered relationships.  Our team of adults (parents, grandparents, big brothers and sisters) as well as peer leaders, coordinate weekly events, small groups, school clubs, Sunday Church activities, camps, missions and more.    Call the office at (208) 634-3037 or email for more information. 

  • jail ministry

    Jail Ministry Teams regularly travel to local jails to bring Bibles, Words of Hope and the Love of God to those behind bars.   Ministry includes worship services, Bible Studies, Prayer Ministry, and Small Groups.  Contact the church office

  • Media Team

    Led by Breeanne Wallace

    The Media team handles Multi-Media production for services and events.   This includes video production,  slide & media presentations and projection and more.     Have a knack for computers, video production, graphic arts, preparing presentations, drama (acting that is) or public speaking?  Contact Bree for details.

  • Meal train  

    Led by Cindy Ridley

    Meal Train ministry coordinates meals for those recovering from illness, celebrating a new baby or experiencing a significant life event.    Contact us email  or (208) 634-3037 to get involved or to request meals.

  • kids team

    Led by Rob and Cat Grunsky

    Love Kids..not just your own?    Our Kid's Team lives to see Kids, birth to 5th Grade, encounter the Love of God, grow in knowledge and relationship with Jesus, be the Church of Today and reach full potential in life.  See our Kids Church Page (click).

    Currently, Kids Church is separated into three groups:  Nursery & Toddlers, 3,4,5s and

    Elementary Age.    Call the office at (208) 634-3037 or email for more information.  

  • catering & kitchen team

    Led by Darice Ratliff

    Catering & Kitchen Team plans and prepares meals or refreshments for events and manages the kitchen as well.    Events include potlucks, holiday parties, meetings,  special events  and more.   Is cooking, baking or food preparation your "love language"?  Then this is the team for you...  Contact Darice at (208) 315-3743 or  email to learn more. 

  • woodbank

    The Woodbank Team supports "Woodstock", our Annual Community Woodcutting Event and provides fire wood for those in need throughout the year.        The team cuts, splits and delivers wood and maintains our Wood Supply.      Could have been a lumberjack?   You need to be on this team!

  • Worship & Sound team

    Musically inclined and have a heart to worship? Or have a knack for sound systems and making musicians sound great?   Contact the office for details.  

  • life group leaders

    Life Group Leaders are at the heart of how we do the work of the ministry in the Church.   Have a heart to build life-giving relationships, make disciples and help others grow in Christ?   Join a group, lead a group, host a group or all three!    Click here to see our Life Groups Page  Call the office at (208) 634-3037 or email for more information.