Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

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Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to Mexico!

Mission Opportunities


Individuals, couples, families… people of all ages! Mountain Life is excited to be sending teams to Mexico this July and November. MLC partners with Genesis Diez A.C., an organization that has been serving orphans in Baja California for 25 years! Genesis is an incredible organization dedicated to bringing love and healing to God’s children.

During our July trip, through bible stories, skits, games, and activities, amigos (our church team) have the opportunity to show God’s love to ninos (the orphans) that they are paired with for the week. Mountain Life Church is blessed to be a part of this ministry as Genesis is the only organization in all of Mexico that specifically pairs amigos with ninos for the week. People often get nervous thinking about working with children, but you don’t have to be a youth leader or teacher to bring healing to children. God will give you the skills you need to share His love!

Our November trip is dedicated to supporting the Genesis construction staff with the work projects they have around the ranch. Genesis had been on rented land for 20 years before finally being blessed with their permanent location they are at now. There are lots of buildings and infrastructure to be built still. Projects may include framing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, fence building, landscaping, ditch digging, painting, etc. We won’t know what projects we’ll be working on until we get closer to the trip. This is not just a trip for the men though. Genesis is amazing at including everyone in their work projects! If you have a heart to serve, there is a project for you, no matter your age, size, or ability!

July Mexico Trip

Date: July 7-13, 2024
Location: Genesis Diez in Baja California, Mexico (about an hour south of Ensenada)
Application Due By: March 1, 2024

First Team Meeting and Deposit Due: March 10, 2024

Cost: $1150 for 12 years and older.

Purpose/Function: Bring healing and love to local orphans through activities led by Genesis staff.  Construction and maintenance at ranch.

Trip Intensity: Mild/Entry Level

NOvember Mexico Trip

Date: October 31-November 4, 2024
Location: Genesis Diez in Baja California, Mexico (about an hour south of Ensenada)
Application Due By: July 21, 2024

First Team Meeting and Deposit Due: July 28, 2024

Projected Cost: $800 for 12 years and older. Contact mission director for youth price.

Purpose/Function: Construction and maintenance at ranch.

Trip Intensity: Mild/Entry Level

Want to get involved?


for the missions team and individuals they will work with on the trip. Pray that hearts are open to receiving the love of God and that lives are changed.


by volunteering to assist the missions team in organizing and fundraising for the trip.


financially to an individual, family, or the overall team to assist with trip costs and expenses.


by becoming a part of our next missions team and experience a life-changing trip with us.