Summer Camp - June  10-14

Growing together.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

The Forge Youth is for anyone from the summer after 5th grade, all the way through their senior year.

Come as you are and enter a place where you discover who God made you to be, and a place where you find freedom in a life full of school and packed schedules.

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Worship Practice: 5Pm

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Begins June 26

Compassion Project

Meet Camila.

WHERE:     BOLIVIA (South America)
BIRTHDAY:     June 6,  2018.
Camila lives with her father and mother in Nuevo Amanecer,.
Her father is sometimes employed as a construction worker, and her mother is not employed. Camila helps her family  by carrying water.

Her favorite activity is listening to stories. Camila may not be enrolled in school right now.
Her  Christian activities include only Compassion project activities, and spending time with her friends there. 
Nuevo Amanecer is a mountainous community, home to approx. 3,000 residents. Typical houses are cement floors, brick walls, and tin roofs. Typical families in the area bring home about $145/month. This community is in need of hospitals, schools,  and employment benefits. 

Our Support Gives her:

- The gospel message and spiritual guidance
- A relationship with us, as her sponsors
- The love and support of church staff
- Support to combat malnutrition
- Health care and immunizations
- Education and income generating skills

Help Support Camila

Choose "Teens" in funds. 

Meet the team.

The Forge Youth is combined, middle and high school group from 6-12th grade.

Cole & emma Morton

Youth Pastor
Leads Middle and High School Groups

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